vineri, 15 decembrie 2017

That is why

“That is why one finds so often the spirit of magic in a work of art: it is a projection, through the will and the genius, both magical in nature, of the inner world, the drama of individuality, in a dimension little accessible to the everyday consciousness, but realized and experienced through the artistic act. (...) The tragic fate, which only a few realize in all its depths, of not being able to go out of yourself except by losing yourself, of not being able to communicate soul to soul (because any communication is illusory, except for love, wich is a communion), of remaining terrified and alone in a world which in appearance is so osmotic, so intimate – that tragic fate can only incite an unwearying struggle against itself, an immensely varied combat in opposition to its laws". - Mircea Eliade, ”Literature and Fantasy”, in Waiting for the Dawn: Mircea Eliade in Perspective, David Carrasco and Jane Marie Law editors, University Press of Colorado, 1991, p. 62.

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